Sunday, May 19, 2019


This page provides a short introduction and insight about WickyBay. Some of you may already know a lot about our website, but most of you probably don’t. Here are some things you should know about WickyBay:

  • We are team that gathers information of hacking, scamming, cyber-crime, internet fraud and internet-related crime and educates the public on everything related to the fraud and illegal activities happening around .
  • Not all of us are native English Speakers, so we apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors in our posts and articles.
  • This site is a hobby of us, our main business lies in internet assets
  • We do not encourage anyone to commit fraud or any internet-related crimes.
  • We do not make money from this project! But yes we do have some ads on the site to help pay for hosting costs and programming work. Any additional income from this project is directly going to the charity.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to continue providing reliable information about the fraud, hacking, phishing and internet-related crime for the foreseeable future.





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