FraudFox is the all-in-one tool for user-agent and device spoofing and perhaps the most advanced and fully detailed virtual machine (VM) on its class ever created. For instance you can use VMWare on a Mac laptop and run it up so that you have a Windows desktop running inside of your Mac environment – giving you access to use programs and features that only Windows employs.


FraudFox is used mainly for fraudulent credit card transactions online, where the aim is to avoid detection by using a different browser fingerprint than your own.

A browser fingerprint is the data that makes a user’s browser experience unique to them. It’s not nearly as unique as an actual fingerprint, but it can narrow down users to a specific subset. For instance your browser fingerprint may be for your user string that you’re running Mozilla 5.0 with Windows NT 6.1, using Gecko/20100101 and Firefox 38.0. There are many more variables that also make up your browser fingerprint.

More than simple user-agent editing, FraudFox offers a lot more features such as device details manipulation via the VM console, changing the network footprint via obfuscate button, and a lot more. It is also open to further software installations such as a VPN client within the VM to be able to boost up your anonymous browsing.



Virtual Box Version:

  • FraudFox V1.2: Click here to download
  • FraudFox V1.3: Click here to download
  • FraudFox V1.5: Click here to download
  • FraudFox V2.0 (latest version):Click here to download

VMWare Workstation Version:

  • FraudFox V1.2: Click here to download
  • FraudFox V1.3: Click here to download
  • FraudFox V1.5: Click here to download.
  • FraudFox V2.0 (latest version): Click here to download.

UPDATE ON 15-OCT-2016: FraudFox VM Files (all versions) was updated so every user can download and import directly to their virtual machine (Virtual box or VMWare Workstation).



FraudFox installation is easy and straightforward. Contained within these pages are detailed easy to follow instructions which will help you setup FFox using VirtualBox:

  1. Install Virtual Box from here:
    Run Oracle Virtualbox and click on File > Import Appliance. A tab will appear which will allow you to browse and locate the downloaded FraudFox and load it. After loading it click on next.
  2. You will be taken on to another tab which contains the list of virtual machines and setting contained in the import. Please make sure to check the “Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards” check-box to be able to solve some network issues beforehand. Click on import. A new tab will appear signifying import process which takes around 2-5 minutes.
    Once import has finished, your FraudFox VM should be on the left pane of the main Oracle
  3. Virtualbox window along with other listed virtual machines. You can click on it and click on “Start” to start your FraudFox VM.

UPDATE ON 06-MAR-2016: Detailed step-by-step instruction on how to install FraudFox is written HERE



All version of FraudFox is bundled with various features, including:

  • gives a comprehensive list of just some of variables that FraudFox can spoof.
  • FraudFox uses a hacked version of Flash Player which can spoof its Version, OS Version, and Screen Resolution. These variables cannot be replicated with any Firefox extension!
  • FraudFox uses custom Browser Extensions which are not available anywhere else, even in Anti Detect!
  • Easy-to-use Profile Management (Import/Export profiles as .fox files)
  • Font spoofing, Plugin spoofing
  • Compatible with every VPN client and SOCKS provider
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux (there are 2 versions for VMWare and VirtualBox)

FraudFox Text Profile (comes from Fullz vendors) contains info captured from the Fullz owner:

  • Flash information
  • Installed plugins
  • Screen resolution
  • User agent
  • Timezone
  • Keyboard language
  • Do-Not-Track Information

FraudFox’s FOX Profile (file with .fox extensions) contains info from your browsing session:

  • Generated browsing environment
  • Browsing history
  • Cookies, Flash Cookies
  • Local Storage
  • Generated fonts
  • Generated canvas fingerprint



  • – different fingerprints with different profiles = PASSED
  • – different fingerprints with different profiles = PASSED
  • – different canvas id = PASSED
  • – different values with different profiles = PASSED
  • – different values with different profiles = PASSED
  • – evercookie got deleted when switched profiles = PASSED
  • – different values with different profiles = PASSED



The Screenshots shown in this posts was captured from a cracked FraudFox software:

Startup FraudFox VM


Signing in with Cracked Login


FraudFox Spoof Tools


Spoofed Browser



This Cracking program was cracked and provided by “EvilZone” and “Hack a Day” Hacker Community. You can download the FraudFox cracking program here: FF User Toolkit. (Password to unzip is “fuckfox”)

NOTE: We recommend you to use 7-zip to extract the file in case you have any trouble extract it.

First you select the FraudFox-v1.5-virtualbox.ova File
You should get your username and password within 10 minutes


NOTE: You need to close all your Anti-Virus program as it will block the FraudFox User Cracking Tools Hacking Process





Ultimately if you are looking to subscribe FraudFox, you are welcome to purchase the subscription here:


  1. Would you be willing to sell me a username and password since I cant get the crack working?

    Also a virus scanner picked up tons of stuff? I really had my hopes up

  2. Hey!

    I need some help! I got it downloaded and got the vbox up and running. Everything works except the FF user toolkit. I downloaded 7zip and got it all unzipped, but for some reason it wont run the program.

    I then tried on windows 8.1 and couldnt get it to run either. What am I doing wrong? I saw a message about needing netframework 3.5 i believe, but I tried installing that with no luck….

    I would absolutely LOVE to get this running because I have wanted this for the longest time. If you can help me, I would even be willing to donate in bitcoin. Thanks your the man!

  3. Yea, it will pick up many stuff that's why you need to turn off the Anti. It create the "bridge" from your computer, spoofing FraudFox server and so secretly created a new user for us to use. So turning on the Antivirus will permanently kill the program right away ….

  4. Sometime it is because the FraudFox site is offline and the toolkit can't find the database and inject the new users, as long as the FraudFox didn't change their database structure we are good to go …

  5. Dear,

    Mighty maybe right, anyway this tools was created by one of the hackers some time back, not 100% guaranteed it will works, but I just share to you all hopefully you can get some luck out of it. I use it last month and it is still good, so I am not the programmer so I can't tell you much here (sorry).

    You can consider subscribing – no harm though, the owner charing monthly basis for all users.

    I spoke to the owner, and there are one newer version rolling out soon (he is working hard on it), stay tune! Hopefully the FF User Toolkit will work for the new one too!!

  6. Hello people,

    I just need to have disclaimer here about the FF User Toolkit, this piece of cool thing was made by a great people from EvilZone and Hack a Day (Let us call them Mr. XYZ) – many months back. It is not 100% working (which I not sure why), I tried myself, it works on win xp, win 8 for sure, and I found sometime it has problem connecting to FraudFox server, advise from the Mr. XYZ is that FraudFox server often got interrupt (DDoS attack from what he said), and because it stays on onion network, there is high chance you might got problem accessing it. All in all, this is depend on your luck – you have to make sure close anti-virus because these all crap anti thought you got hacked or whatever when the tools create the "bridge" to inject FraudFox server – spoofing the server like generate a new user there secretly and activate the subscription for a month.

    Another possible reason you can't use is when the owner of FraudFox updating their database, this tools can't enter the FraudFox server when FraudFox owner logging in their Subscription Dashboard.

    Some other factors is when Tor Network switching their IP when this tools is accessing the FraudFox server – your FF user Tools will terminated immediately.

    Last, running in virtual box is prohibited too because this tool can't create the bridge. So Mac users, sorry man – no luck for you.

    So here are something I can share, so good luck on all of you, the user tools, above factors are MR. XYZ advise.

    And of course you guys are welcome to subscribe, it is not harm since card one item u get all your investment bank – why not.

    And remember to bookmark this page, because new version of FraudFox (probably v2.0) will rolling out anytime soon – the developer of FraudFox is working hard on it 🙂

  7. Ok well can you please sell me a username and password using the cracker yourself? Everything else works, so I dont see what the big deal is to sell me a username and password?

  8. I am not going to give support on this tool, but there are many factors if it not working as I explain earlier. if you get error message of cannot connect to tor network, or so on, it is possibility your Firewall or Anti-Virus blocking creating the "bridge" connecting to the server, other than that, I am not sure what else..

    For other people here, if you able to get the username and password – please show off a bit 🙂

    But of course, please dun show people the password or username 😀

  9. Technically I can, but I not sure how long the username and password will last for the one I get – I tried some of it last only 2 days and some last 27 days (never more than a month). But instead of selling you this cheap like $5, $10, I rather go card some items giving me $300 – $400++.You can always buy it here for hazzard free:

  10. You can go card some items, and still sell me a username and password. You can just generate yourself a new one. Why wouldnt you want to do both? If that logic was true then you wouldnt be helping anyone because you can just use it yourself.

  11. My friend, one username/password can be used only at a time. And like I told you, if I am selling you $50 for that login but it can only last for 2 days, then you will give a lot of shit complaints which I won't want to end up with, it is not good for both of us – is this make sense? So if you going to buy from us the FraudFox Subscription then my team will make sure have hazard free usage.

    So "if that logic was true then you wouldn't be helping anyone because you can just use it yourself." My friend, to be honest, it is boring keep on carding and sometime we need to give some thing back, and I see a lot of people, especially newbie falling on ripper trap or have no clue where to start, where to go – so one day we (with other carding friend) decide to have a place for every carders. and we want to prevent that by publishing what we know since we been in this industry for long enough. And at the same time, we will be selling our own private methodology that is 100% work, unsaturated carding methodology – which when you want to explore our advance private method, we earn our additional profit from there.

  12. First, you need to have Internet access connect to your computer. Then You can have you fraudfox to access internet. Bro, you are asking how my Firefox connect to internet, LMAO

  13. tried everything. turned of windows firewall and anti-virus, re-started and still getting message can't connect to tor network???

  14. I keep getting this errors: could not connect to the tor network. Make sure that you have a working connection to the internet. If you're behind a firewall, you must configure your firewall to allow this program to access the internet. I have turned off all my security and even allowed the program through my firewall but still no solution. Please help me. I really neeed this

  15. Receiving this message: Could not access to the FraudFox database through Web2Tor Network. An error occured while FF user tool attempting to retrieve FraudFox Database. Any idea? Is this is popular problem when FF servers are off or updating?

  16. FraudFox Database Access Denied

    Could not access to the FraudFox database through Web2Tor Network. RequestID:57d57602 @
    HostId:Dd57806G2375067560450. An error occured while FF user tool attempting to retrieve FraudFox Database

    Did not turn off anti-virus prior to trying it…

  17. how do you disable socks cap in v 1.5? 1.3 works perfectly but I wish there were more plugins. when I try to run 1.5 the browser wont run, socks cap hangs the system.

  18. Follow up to the sockscap problem on 1.5. I looked at your picture a little closer and saw what I was doing wrong. Thanks, Anon!

  19. I've tried it with the button both red and green and it still hangs up. I'll play around with it some more. Also a question for any math geeks, how many possible combinations of browser fingerprints are possible with 1.3 and 1.5? Curious.

  20. Help me Plz , i am getting this error even i just turned off everything!

    Could not access to the FraudFox database through Web2Tor Network. RequestID:57d57602 @
    HostId:Dd57806G2375067560450. An error occured while FF user tool attempting to retrieve FraudFox Database

  21. Has anyone been able to get the User Toolkit to work… I've even installled windows on my hdd in bootcamp to make it work but i get the same error that it could not access the fraudfox database via web2tor

  22. Jimmybeam, I can't download the, went to the website, and I click on download and nothing is downloading. Please can you help.

  23. im trying to purchase a subscription but it wont link to the site. only getting a blank page. please help!!!!

  24. hey, i got the FF software but when i try to spoof my browser i cant access Internet. when i try to run it with virtualbox i cant access internet even if i havent spoof the browser yet. any help?

  25. 7 or FraudFox VM: These are not needed but they really increase your carding success to almost 100% if used

  26. 7 or FraudFox VM: These are not needed but they really increase your carding success to almost 100% if used


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